Paulo Coelho’s life begin with a complicated birth in Rio de Janerio, Brazil, in August 1947. He was known the “boy who was born dead” and who ultimately survived against all odds. Before he became internationally known as a worldwide bestselling author, Paulo lived many different lives. He flirted with suicide, was committed by his parents to insane asylums, suffered the brutality of electric shock therapy, dove into drugs, tried several varieties of sex, met the devil, spent time in prison, helped revolutionize Brazilian rock with musician Raul Seixas, and finally rediscovered his faith in 1986 as he walked the sacred Road to Santiago de Compostela, a medieval pilgrim’s route between France and Spain.
This newspaper is a visual representation of different phases in his eventful life done under the course Typographic Experiments taught by Sohee Kwon.

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